Working in Partnership

Why Partner with GoddardFry

“Working in partnership with individuals and businesses to achieve your long term goals”
  • Over 50 years of relevant experience
  • Modern approach to financial planning
  • Client focused
  • Cutting edge research and support systems
We are a client-focused business operating for over 30 years. We offer a fully independent, whole of market tax and financial planning service both online and face to face.

Our team has over 50 years experience of working in tax and financial services, and we combine our experience with a modern approach to planning, utilising best-of-breed digital systems.


Tailoring Services to clients needs

Being fully independent, we can tailor services to clients needs whether this is about smoothing the investment journey to moderate market volatility, consolidating a range of products in just one place or carefully selecting something out of the ordinary.

Taking an ethical approach is important to us, whether this is raising potential risks with clients as well as helping clients invest in a socially responsible way. Ethical investing was once a niche service associated with lower returns, but today that is not the case, as responsible investments are now top performers.

Ultimately, it takes a partnership to deliver the outcomes our clients want to see, working together, sharing information and educating each other as we plan and build towards the future.

We often work hand in hand with professionals like accountants and solicitors where our expertise overlaps, so where clients perhaps do not know where to go for a particular need, we will and can put them in touch with the right people. If you would like to combine accountancy and planning services then please do mention this when you get in touch.



By carefully recommending and regular analysis of your investments there is the potential for significant improvements on your funds returns. Below are some simplistic projections using very cautious growth rates to demonstrate the potential impact of better performance.
As you can see with a difference of just 2% p.a. over just 10 years in growth is £23,929.43.

Investment returns can never be guaranteed but past experience teaches us that this is an area where our skills can have a dramatic impact

 Investment  £100,000
Term  10 Years
Growth Rate  4% Gross PA
Inflation  1.50% PA
Total Charges  1.50% PA
Result*  £110,462.21
 Investment  £100,000
Term  10 Years
Growth Rate  6% Gross PA
Inflation  1.50% PA
Total Charges  1.50% PA
Result*  £134,391.64
 Personal Allowance  £12,570
Personal Allowance Savings  £1,000
Dividend nil Rate  £1,000
Capital Gains Tax Allowance  £6,000
Result*  £20,570

Tax Efficiency

Outside of the industry most people are not aware, but if your assets are structured correctly, you could receive an income of over £20,570 p.a. tax free (for tax year 2023-24).

However, this is not the absolute limit of what can be achieved. Using ISAs, the Tax Free Cash from your pension and investment bonds your tax free income could be even higher
Another simple but effective step is to ensure your investments are within the most tax efficient product. Simply moving stocks and shares into an ISA can add to the return enjoyed by your funds by reducing the tax paid inside the investment product.

With more and more UK residents falling foul of higher rates and additional taxes and the impact this can have on your allowances, we can work with you to mitigate this where possible.

For some people this scenario is not practically possible, but it highlights the scope for tax efficiencies for most clients.

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