Empowering Clients: GoddardFry Levels Up with Free Financial Tools!

May 13, 2024 | Financial Planning, Mortgages

Unveiling 3 Powerful Financial Tools: Get Mortgage Rates, Calculate Protection Quotes & Plan Your Retirement!

Over the last couple of months, we have been working on ways to enhance our online presence with more tools and information for prospective and existing clients.

Major credit must go to our favourite online specialists at Wade Digital for doing a sterling job on the upgrades and really being engaged with our vision.

Those of you who haven’t visited our website for a while will notice that we have created more specific pages for different areas of advice as well as adding 3 brand new financial planning tools that we feel really add value for clients.

Have you ever felt the need to research a topic online, hunt for information before you got on the phone or send an email to start speaking to a professional? Well, we hope these tools offer those of you in search of understanding rates or prices, something that you might not be able to get just anywhere.


Our new tools;

Our mortgage rate tool allows you to look at what rate you can get based on your actual situation, and what this will cost you. You can then get in touch with us to discuss this rate and if it’s the right deal, get that mortgage secured.

Our new insurance tool allows you to see what the likely cost of cover will be for life insurance; critical illness cover and income protection. This tool guides you through how to work out what protection cover you need and what types of cover might be appropriate before you speak to one of the team.

This tool takes you through a simple online journey, asking you for basic details and looks at what your retirement scenario looks like. Are you on track for a comfortable retirement? Or are you going to have to reduce your expectations or even work longer? If you want to know if you could do better, have more income, retire earlier etc, then just get in touch.


There is never any obligation to proceed after speaking to one of our team and all initial meetings and discussions are at our cost but we hope that these tools will give clients some peace of mind before they engage with us as we understand that no one wants to feel that they aren’t at least armed with an ounce of knowledge and understanding on these complex matters. Even if you don’t feel properly equipped to complete the tools, they might help you work out what you need to know, and we are always there to help you and add value to your financial position.

By Alex Fry (Managing Director)